Covid Vaccine Policy

For the safety of all participants in The Little Mermaid, Amherst Community Theater requires that all cast, production team members, and volunteers involved in the production be vaccinated if they are eligible for the Covid vaccine.

It is expected that younger members of the cast who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated will be vaccinated as soon the vaccine becomes available to them.

Everyone attending rehearsals will be required to wear masks: this includes all members of the cast, production team, and all parents/guardians. Because we will be using public spaces (Bangs Center and Amherst Schools) for rehearsals, we are obligated to follow the masking requirements of these facilities. As of this writing, masks are required of all visitors in both spaces. Amherst Community Theater will adhere to all government recommended safety guidelines. Our policies are subject to change as conditions and guidance from health authorities change.

Contact Tracing:
In addition, it is expected that all symptoms and positive cases among participants and their close contacts are reported to us prior to rehearsals. We are obligated to report positive cases to the Amherst Board of Health for contact tracing.

August 18, 2021