Children’s Theater

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We’ll announce the 14th annual Missoula Children’s Theater
spring show in the fall.

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Other opportunities from our area partners in children’s performing arts:

  • “Cornstalk Fiddle” Children’s Choir – June 2024 at Porter Phelps Huntington House in Hadley.  The choir is part of a multimedia, multi-age production with rehearsals at the Pelham Library and the PPH Museum.  There is no cost to participate.  For grades 3 – 12
  • “Pelham Players” Children’s Theater Company  – July 2024 at the Pelham Library.  This company prepares and presents musicals at the Pelham Library each summer.  There is no cost to participate.  For Grades 3 – 12.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact Cindy Naughton (  Cindy is the accompanist for Missoula, the Director of the Cornstalk Fiddle Choir and the Pelham Players, and the Music Director for Amherst Community Theater.   

For information about the Pelham Players, you can also contact the Pelham Library.  

And for information about the “Performing and Visual Arts Summer Program” for students ages 8 – 13 at The Prindle School, as well as music lessons, go to:

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